Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Outhouse Orchards

YAY, it's fall again. The weather in Boston has been gorgeous. It makes me want to go apple picking, eat cider donuts and pet goats (don't ask). Anyway, I'm reminded of a place I used to go when I was little called Outhouse Orchards. Don't be afraid of the name. I was unable to locate a website (so sad) however, the do have sheep, goats, pumpkins, apples, hot cider, donuts, hayrides, dried corn for your doors....If you live in NY, I recommend going (before the season gets late and the traffic there gets horrendous)...though I guess it's best to make sure it's picking season...since I'm not a farmer.
Here's the address:
Hardscrabble Road
Croton Falls in Westchester
I found this image on a Japanese website

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