Monday, April 30, 2007

Eastern Market

I got a call from my sister who lives in Capitol Hill today. Sadly, Eastern Market had a fire. It's a center of the community there and everyone seems to be really upset.

I have always loved Alice Neel

Now there is a film about her. See her work and learn more about her.

Overheard on a plane

OK, this might cause the end of the deal but...apparently, logging on to JetBlue at midnight is the best way to get really cheap airline tickets from the carrier. Thanks mom, for always talking to strangers.


Paul, from Sydney, curates a wonderful site called BibliOdyssey. All images are all categorized by topic, material, type of work or subject. The above images are examples from Karlsruher Tulpenbuch. It's really a great resource for inspiration.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saturday, April 28, 2007

I made this

My nephew lost his blanky (he's one) last week and I knit him a new one then, he found year olds are SO unpredictable. So, I made the blanket I knit into this thing. I don't really know what it is but, well, now it exists. We'll see if he likes it when he comes to visit.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Hamsters in the News

This comes by way of Boing Boing. That 8 year old needs therapy however, as poetry, it's really not bad. And just in case any of you voted to name the hamster at PHX Creative, he (or she) has a name

Oldsjö Hultgren Design

Found by way of Oh Joy!. Very cool concrete patio stones and tiles from Oldsjö Hultgren Design.

I'm a Habitual Umbrella Killer

I recently broke a swiss army umbrella and previous to that, I broke a golfing umbrella (from our wedding) and a small drugstore umbrella. Today I purchased an umbrella for $10 in Back Bay station. I'm sure it won't last the weekend. It's my forth this year.

My sister says "You are an umbrella killer. There are many warning signs, but as your sister I don't know how to reach out and help you."

I may have found the answer.

I just found this Senz Umbrella and think that these people have got the answer. Once I purchase it, the website tells me, "you'll experience rain as liquid sunshine!" I can't wait! It's smart, strong, and stylish (I guess). Visit You Tube to see a movie about what's wrong with your umbrella...and the Senz website has the evolution of the umbrella (in case you're interested), not to be confused with the ever popular Evolution of Dance.

Dilbert blogging

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Anthropologie Tops

Finally! Flattering tops (at least for those of us who don't look great in those tiny tight tees). They're cute too, how could they not be, they're from Anthropologie.

Smallest Coolest Apartment Contest

These are pictures from last year's (tied for first place) winners of the Smallest Coolest Apartment Contest (2006). View this year's entries.

More Lost

They are NOT dead. No one said that they're not dying though.

Our President...sigh

Malaria Awareness Day is a worthy cause.

A bed net to save lives $10, watching the president dance with West African Dancers, Priceless.

iPod skins

I found these at Lamb-Lamb, by way of Print & Pattern. They are pretty cool.


Great white playhouse, meant to be decorated. Folds down flat when not in use. 5% of proceeds go to Unicef. What could be better? At Modern Seed.
OK, let's assume they're all dead. This would explain why babies conceived on the island don't make it to birth...because you can't create life from death...and why babies conceived prior to being on the island are born, because they died with the mother. But then what about Juliette? Is she dead? When we die do we just "go to the island"? Is this why everyone heals quicker and can walk again? Speaking of healing quicker, what ever happened to Rose & Bernard and where the hell are Walt & Michael? What about the numbers? There are so many mysteries. OK, let's assume they're not dead. Let's say they're dying...the plane crashed and everything that's happened on the island is basically in the minds of the passengers while they are dying in the plane crash. The series could end with the plane crash, just as it started except, this time, everyone is dead. Maybe we see them during the crash, having flashes of all of the things we saw in the series hmmm....last night's episode was awesome.

It was a nice distraction from American Idol which I have to say, I cried through. I never thought American Idol would make me cry. Sigh.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Me, in South Park

Ever wonder what you would look like if you lived in South Park? Now you can find out. It's fun.


This is a screen-shot from the movie "Kennedy Chips" on Compostpile. Created by artist Bill Barminski. Make sure to watch this one as well as the out takes. Taking Notes is good, watch them all.

Very funny stuff.


I want me some J.Crew.

Marilyn Minter

I love Marilyn Minter's paintings (left) and photographs (right).

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My new vacation home

Sometimes I fantasize about vacationing...ok, often, who doesn't? It's fun to look on VRBO for places to rent. I found this amazing place, in Santorini Greece, tonight. €1200-€1500/week (for up to five people).

Unbelievable Dolls

I found these dolls by EJ Taylor by way of Brocante. They are seriously unique (if I can modify that word) works of craftsmanship.

Sad Toast

This sad piece of burnt toast is so cute...poor toasty. By My Paper Crane.

Faux Bois Abounds

Top four from Oly studio. Middle three from Anthropologie. Bottom three from West Elm. Love em all.

Custom Handpainted Wallpaper

I love the hand-painted wallpaper at Gracie. Check them out.

All things Sanjaya

I don't know why, but I guess I'm becoming a font of Sanjaya information. CNN is reporting that Sanjaya read David Letterman's Top Ten list and was on Regis & Kelly. (Yes, CNN)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Big Monsieur Vanilla Ice

I'm going to quote the creator here b/c it's perfect...and why mess with perfection "Monsieur Vanilla Ice is a cool guy who loves to walk around in big cities looking at people eating ice cream. His dreams of working in an ice cream factory, but since he's got no arms it's impossible. This makes him pretty upset." Grrrrr. Smosch on Etsy has more really great guys like this. I want one!

Oh, and I have an Etsy shop too, I've got to add more stuff.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Booster Seat

We had friends for brunch this morning (beautiful weather, ate on the porch). They have a 2 1/2 year old and a six week old. Having them here reminded me of a booster seat I saw. It looks like the Yellow Pages. It's about time someone made the Yellow Pages into a real booster seat, since basically that's all they're used for these days.

Interested? They were created by Fred.

Sanjaya Goes to Washington

You heard it right, Sanjaya Malakar attended the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner...why? I don't know. Does it really matter? Probably not.