Thursday, April 26, 2007

OK, let's assume they're all dead. This would explain why babies conceived on the island don't make it to birth...because you can't create life from death...and why babies conceived prior to being on the island are born, because they died with the mother. But then what about Juliette? Is she dead? When we die do we just "go to the island"? Is this why everyone heals quicker and can walk again? Speaking of healing quicker, what ever happened to Rose & Bernard and where the hell are Walt & Michael? What about the numbers? There are so many mysteries. OK, let's assume they're not dead. Let's say they're dying...the plane crashed and everything that's happened on the island is basically in the minds of the passengers while they are dying in the plane crash. The series could end with the plane crash, just as it started except, this time, everyone is dead. Maybe we see them during the crash, having flashes of all of the things we saw in the series hmmm....last night's episode was awesome.

It was a nice distraction from American Idol which I have to say, I cried through. I never thought American Idol would make me cry. Sigh.

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