Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm a Habitual Umbrella Killer

I recently broke a swiss army umbrella and previous to that, I broke a golfing umbrella (from our wedding) and a small drugstore umbrella. Today I purchased an umbrella for $10 in Back Bay station. I'm sure it won't last the weekend. It's my forth this year.

My sister says "You are an umbrella killer. There are many warning signs, but as your sister I don't know how to reach out and help you."

I may have found the answer.

I just found this Senz Umbrella and think that these people have got the answer. Once I purchase it, the website tells me, "you'll experience rain as liquid sunshine!" I can't wait! It's smart, strong, and stylish (I guess). Visit You Tube to see a movie about what's wrong with your umbrella...and the Senz website has the evolution of the umbrella (in case you're interested), not to be confused with the ever popular Evolution of Dance.

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