Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Money CAN buy Happiness...

...and it's cheaper than therapy.

A friend told me about this restaurant, Café Gratitute. Every dish is a mantra to loving yourself. Want hummus? Order "I am happy", want a small café salad? Order "I am satisfied" (though a small salad wouldn't really satisfy me, maybe the idea is that you're already full when you order?). A "Yo soy mucho" will get you a Mexican bowl. For dessert, order "I Am Perfect". You'll get pecan pie. Thanks to Kelly (the friend mentioned above), I've got a receipt so you can see how much it all costs.

Café Gratitude serves organic, vegan and mostly "live" food (not live animals). They're located in the Bay Area so us east coasters have to remain depressed and down on ourselves.

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