Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Woman Takes Hammer to Comcast Office

I can totally relate. Michael and I got the “Triple Play” service and experienced a horrible, horrible internet connection…think no connection. After many phone calls we got someone to come out to the house. The technician told us that our wireless wasn’t working for a few reasons. First, perhaps our computer was not close enough to the router…um, what’s the point of wireless if we need to be next to to router? Second, the connection wasn’t working because of the material our house is made of (that would be wood). I let that technician go home, without the hammer in his head. A few other technicians came by and there were many more phone calls but I finally gave up. Our service is still not great but I’d rather just live with it, than deal with their customer service. Boo Comcast Boooo!

I love Mona Shaw and her story published in the Washington Post.(seen on Scot Hacker's Foobar Blog)

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