Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I heart my daughter's highchair

We have the high chair from IKEA and seriously, it's amazing.

We fed our daughter in a bouncy seat until she was sitting upright really well and then switched to the IKEA seat. We wanted the Stokke seat but we haven't looked back since (not once).

It comes apart easily and fits in the trunk of our car for trips to the in-laws (who have no high chair). It has an extremely low profile and goes great with our table. The seat fits under the edge of the table for times we want Hazel to eat with us without a tray. It's all plastic and easy to clean. It doesn't have a million parts and it’s only $25 so if you don't like it, you really haven't made a huge investment.

We actually made no investment because a friend found ours on the side of the road and brought it to our house but I would have paid for it, knowing what I know now.

Six thumbs up (and no I’m not being paid for this endorsement, unfortunately).

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