Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby Kitties

When we ask Hazel what she dreams about, she always says "kitties". I thought this was her canned response and that she didn't really understand dreams or have the ability to express what hers were. I was proven wrong the other night when Hazel woke herself up yelling "BABY KITTY!"

This was the start of a three night (so far) waking cycle. Every two hours, Hazel's up. She's either mumbling incoherently, asking to eat or wanting to "get out" of bed.

We've had these periods of unrest before, usually they proceed some milestone or are related to teething. Hazel walks, she talks, she has all of her teeth, she can eat with a utensil (though she often chooses not to)...what milestone is this? Will she wake up on Sunday doing complex calculus or be self toiled trained?

God I hope so.

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