Friday, February 25, 2011

Art at age 2.10: our daughter the "progidy"

The other night Michael and I were watching a bit about child prodigies on the news. They said that one thing about those kids is that their parents don't have to get them to practice doing whatever it is they're prodigies at, they have more trouble getting the kids to stop. That's basically where we are with Hazel. I think this Winter has made her forget that she can actually go outside to play. It's art, morning, noon and night at our house ( or pancakes). When she wakes up at 7am on Saturdays, all she wants to do is paint.

We gathering lots and lots of her art. Here's a sampling.

Michael turned to me and asked "Do you think Hazel is a prigidy" Um, yeah, I don't think so...highly unlikely with us as parents

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