Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Heros in Hartsdale?

Sorry, I meant to write something about this a couple of weeks ago but I had other things on my mind. So, I'm watching Heroes and I Mohinder is taken to the secret lab in Hartsdale? Have you ever been to Hartsdale? I'm from Scarsdale (yes, THAT Scarsdale) . We're neighbors of Hartsdale. Hartsdale is not even a town, according to Wikipedia, it's a Hamlet. It's home of America's first pet cemetary and the world's first Carvel. Joan Crawford is buried in Hartsdale. Let me tell you, there are no secret labs there. Labs maybe, secret labs, I don't think so.

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Dr. Harsdaleago said...

Haha... so funny. Hartsdale rocks!!! ps.... it's in the Gillette compound homes, ooh or maybe the Warburg Mansion, or maybe Windsor Mansion, you know after the Windsors. And lets not forget hte Heartsdales, the J-Pop group named after the hamlet. I dont know any bands named after your side of the tracks buddy ;). Basically, there's more to the little Hamlet than you'd think homes, Ferncliff Cemetary.... for example. Oh ... and not to mention Woodlands is just about the most ghetto thing ever. Go Weedlands Falcons :D