Tuesday, June 19, 2007

10 Reasons I Love Portland (OR) - #6

The McMenamins Brothers

Well, not actually the brothers but their vision. The vision of drinking a beer and eating a burger while watching a $3 second-run movie (or Arrested Development for free), of sleeping in a restored elementary school from 1915 (the Kennedy School) and have a martini and cigar in the old principals office (the Detention Bar). The beauty of the Baghdad Theater. Edgefield, an old Poor Farm dating from 1911, now has a vineyard, brewery, restaurant, spa, gardens and golf course. There are many McMenamins locations and I guess, at this point, they're a corporation. As a bartender told us "as far as corporations go, they're pretty good to work for, you still have to sell a little of your soul". Don't let her words turn you off to the experience.

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