Monday, June 25, 2007

A visit to Salem but mostly the PEM

This weekend we went to the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) in Salem, MA. We saw the Joseph Cornell exhibit Navigating the Imagination which I highly recommend to anyone who is in the area. The show has 180 of his pieces 30 of which are being shown in public for the first time. Here's a preview. The photo directly below this text is of some of the supplies Cornell used in his studio.

We also visited the Origami Now! exhibit. The most impressive examples (in my opinion) were from Robert Lang who was recently written up in the New Yorker. Here are a couple I liked. The Koi is by Robert Lang and the Armadillo (made out of 1 six ft. sheet of paper) is by Eric Joisel.

Pretty impressive stuff. You have to be a physicist.

We took a tour of the Yin Yu Tang house. Which is worth the extra $4 (then go home and rent Raise the Red Lantern to see how the rich lived)
We walked around Salem a little where we saw this lovely miniature display of pirates (in the window of the Pirate Museum).

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