Monday, August 13, 2007

Matt Lorenz in Elle Decor

The September issue of Elle Decor arrived today with an article in it about Matt Lorenz (you know, that winner of Bravo's Top Design). I had expected an article in Elle Decor to come out a lot sooner and, I had hoped to see some examples of Matt's work, outside of the show. Unfortunately, the magazine only highlighted the loft he designed which, we all already saw. This made me I checked out Matt's website. I had done this right after he won the show and it seems that he has not changed anything! I'm surprised by this. I know that interior design is a personal field but you would think, he would make some changes, especially with the magazine coming out. Perhaps he just doesn't need any more publicity. Photo from

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I always wondered what happened to winners on the Bravo reality shows: