Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Me & Ro (and Weeds)

Watch Weeds? I'm watching it on DVD now (well, actually we're done with Season 2 and waiting for Season 3 to be done). In any case, it's a pretty good show. I love the variations of Little Boxes (you'll know what I mean if you watch it). If you're anything like me, you may have noticed Nancy's jewelry. I love it. I've just found out it's by Me & Ro. They've got great stuff though I couldn't afford to wear it in the layered fashion Nancy does.


Anonymous said...

Do you who makes the necklace she wears all the time with the three discs and it looks like some kind of garnet or ruby jems? I have been looking for it forever!

Anonymous said...

I just made the necklace! Check this out... I took the "love" from here

and I bought two of this one with MY kids' initials

Then I took three tiny little beads off a necklace like this (but in red)


It jingles and is SOOOOOO cute. I put the little beads on the disc charms so they are attached to the charm. I had a short chain of my own so it worked out well. I spent $50... THATS IT..... All at Kohls. I actually went to the store to buy everything. email me if you have any questions gksbrat@zoominternet.net

Anouschka said...

Do you know who makes the necklace she wear in the first episode of Season 4, it looks like two long drops of gold...one smaller one bigger...

Anouschka said...

Do you know who makes the necklace she is wearing in episode 1, season 4...it looks like two long drops of gold...a smaller and a bigger one.