Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Her new Offi Kapsule chair! We've known for a while that Hazel wanted a chair her own size because she's been climbing up and down off of the couch and chairs in the living room and looking really proud of herself when she got up there. Then she'd sit like an adult and look through a book (maybe upside down, maybe right side up, whatever, she's 15 months old). So we caved and bought her a chair her size.

This chair is great because it's hollow so we were able to also use it as storage...which trust me, with a kid, we totally need. We stuffed it full of Hazel's plush toys, which she loves to pull out and throw all over the floor. Hey, whatever keeps her busy right? She also loves to push it down the long hallway of our house. Much to my dismay, Hazel also loves to stand on it, and use it as a climbing tool to get to other HIGHER chairs. Everyone kept saying it was fine, she hadn't fallen, to which I added the dreaded "YET". So, of course, this morning, she did a complete face-plant, OUCH! Of course, she survived. Kids are tough.

Standing, sitting, pushing the chair down the hall...this chair gets two thumbs up.

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