Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm Reading

It Sucked and Then I Cried: How I Had a Baby, a Breakdown, and a Much Needed Margarita by Heather Armstrong. If you don't know who Heather Armstrong is, she's the writer of the blog (which, if you've never checked out, you should). First off, I had to wait months to get this book from the library. We have a moratorium on buying books at my house so I twiddled my thumbs and waited (impatiently). After reading the first two pages I knew I had to buy this book for everyone I knew who had ever had a baby...ok well, at least my sister (hey, I work for a non-profit, I'm not made of money). I was reading the book in bed before going to sleep and I had to leave the room. The book was making me laugh so hard I was shaking the bed and Michael was whining beside me because I kept waking him up. I laugh silently so he couldn't tell if I was laughing or crying, which can be disturbing. I think I might have shed a few tears actually. This book simultaneously makes me want to be pregnant again and makes me want to have my uterus permanently removed so that there's no chance that it ever happens again, EVER! I'm not finished with it but I already highly recommend It Sucked and Then I Cried. Go out and get it.

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