Friday, July 13, 2007

2 Free Papers is 1 Too Many Free Papers

OK, so every morning when I get to the train, there is the Metro lady and the Boston Now lady. I've been wracked with guilt for months as I take the Metro and lower my eyes in shame when I pass by the Boston Now lady.

Today, was different. I took a Boston Now (and a Metro). The only redeeming thing about this paper (today at least) was the front page story about how the MBTA stinks. On the cover, was a tease that read "QUEEN'S PHOTOS Beauty keeps crown"...eager to read about Queen Elizabeth's controversial photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz, I turned to page 22, only to find an article about Miss NJ Amy Polumbo and the photos of her acting in an "un-ladylike" manner.

Very tricky Boston Now. I don't like to be tricked by free newspapers (no matter how many sudoku puzzles you tempt me with). Especially before I've had my morning coffee. I don't think I'll be feeling so guilty the next time I shun your paper, tricky Boston Now lady.

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