Thursday, July 12, 2007

So you think you can Dance (dance dance)

OK, I admit it, I like the show, I even like the host. What can I say?

I have one issue though, who styles Cat Deeley?! Please! The poor woman. She's beautiful and seems charming but her clothes! Maybe I don't know anything about fashion (it wouldn't surprise me if that was the issue) but she always looks like she has a little belly or something...I don't know. I keep thinking she's pregnant.

Of course now I can't find any pictures of her in horrible dresses but watch the show! They're right there on TV. Maybe I'm not one to "jidge" (as she would say).

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jglenn said...

Thanks Erica! I like the show and think highly of Cat D. (I'm not too into blondes, but I have a thing for women with crooked faces. Eg., Shannon Doherty.) Hate her clothes. A couple of weeks ago she was hogtied in a leather sack. I guess it was supposed to remind us of Barbarella or something, but it looked like a Hefty Bag, only less comfy.