Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fly anywhere (I mean to Columbus) for $10

Thanks to Matt (my new co-worker and friend) for pointing out this excellent company, Skybus, not to be confused with Airbus (the first wide-bodied, twin engined, yadda yadda). Skybus' main (no, only) hub is in Columbus OH. Fly from Boston (when they say Boston, they mean Portsmouth, NH, which to those of you who don't live in Boston, should know is exactly like Boston and only 2 minutes away...this is a lie) for $10, yes, $10 (taxes not included). Skybus also flies to a bunch of other places but of course you have to fly from or through Columbus. You can get a flight from Columbus to LA in February of 2008 for about $50, so a $60 flight from Portsmouth (uh I mean Boston) to LA is really not bad. Basically, finagle the site and I'm sure you can get some great deals. I'd love to hear about any great combinations you put together to get cheap flights. Good booking! Thanks Matt.

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