Monday, July 16, 2007

Seidler Bernstein needs your guts

This job listing (for a copywriter at Seidler Bernstein) on Creative Hotlist is great! What do they need a copywriter for when they have whoever it is who wrote this posting? With snappy lines like "Can you shine under pressure, thrive amid chaos, and write a brilliant ad for a percutaneous nephrolithotomy?" they've got all the writing staff they need. Who writes ads for kidney stone surgery anyway? Oh, I guess Seidler Bernstein does.

"Now you can have an exciting career as a healthcare copywriter and find the poetry in the words: immunoassay infectious disease menu." Who knew?!

Do you share their "belief that high tech medical communications can be fun and inspiring"? I'm starting to think I do!

If this job sounds too good to be true, visit Creative Hotlist and read the listing yourself. Let me know if you apply for or end up working there.

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Anonymous said...

Like much of Seidler Bernstein's work, this Help Wanted ad is a rip-off of one LehmanMillet did a few years earlier.