Monday, July 9, 2007

Etsy a plenty

Our Etsy life is finally coming alive. We've sold a couple of items from our store and most notably, we've been sited on a couple of blogs. Marjorie at Marmee Craft wrote about us on her blog on Friday. Her stuffed bunnies are adorable. Louise at Arts and Ghosts also listed the Liasynthis store as one of her favorites. She creates ethereal photo collages that evoke memories of fairy tales.

On another note, longtime friends Kelly, Deb and Carol at Bread + Butter in Brooklyn had their Etsy shop written up on Design Sponge. (examples of their work are below).

The only thing better, I think, would be a write up in Domino (where one of the three talented women used to work, I won't mention which one). You never know...

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Marjorie said...

Aww...your so sweet to mention my shop and blog. :) Thank You!