Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Radical Honesty

I have always said that there should be one day every year when people say exactly what they are it a holiday if you will.

Dr. Brad Blanton of Radical Honesty does just that, but he does it every day. Last night, Dr. Blanton was on NPR on On Point with Tom Ashbrook and I was all for where he was going with his radical honesty lifestyle until it was mentioned that at their events, everyone gets naked...A quote from the website:"At the Center for Radical Honesty, we are building communities of intimate friends who are creating a revolution in consciousness ..."

I'm sorry but I don't need that kind of intimacy, and that my friends, is the truth!

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Bonny said...

I'm all for honesty but don't think it would require strangers seeing me in my b-day suit! Found your blog cruising through the etsy bloggers - nice site!