Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Charlie in the Looking Glass

These are the series one McFarlane action figures for Lost. I should have known they existed but I just never thought about it.

This week is definitely for Charlie...sorry Charlie, but since they're all dead already anyway right? It doesn't matter. Ack, it's Rose and Bernard! They live! I mean, they're dead, I mean...They're coming right now man! Wake me up when the commercial is over (they seriously need to change this show back to the 9 pm timeslot). There are a lot of commercials...jeez. They've been talking about going to the radio tower for 45 minutes. Just go already. I thought it was mean of Charlie to tell Hurley that he wouldn't have fit in that boat but you know what? Looking at that boat, I think Charlie was right. I don't think I would fit in that boat. I knew it, Desmond's going to go, I KNEW IT! I didn't say it, but I knew no, Charlie, bye bye Charlie (brave lad). Who the hell are those submarine women? I guess we have to wait until next week. That episode was stinky!

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