Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lost season finale

Maybe the theories about space-time are right. I mean, the whole show goes back and forth from the present to the past and the future. Was the looking glass station flooding that Ben spoke of, the actual one that Charlie died in? Was Charlie the musician who programmed the switch?

I like how Ben was trying to convince Jack not to make the phone call...stop dripping blood all over yourself Ben and tell us WHY?! Why can't we leave the island? I mean, the survivors, why can't the survivors leave the island...I'm not trapped. Locke too, why Locke why?! If you were Ben or Locke and you wanted to make a convincing argument, wouldn't saying why basically be at the top of your list?

OK, to the future. On Lost Screencaps and Easter Eggs (where this capshot is from), people wrote that the name of the funeral parlor "Hoffs Drawlar" is an anagram for Flash Forward. Is the body in the coffin Locke's? I see a "J" and an "o" in the newspaper clipping. And Kate...she can't be with Sawyer, she's driving a Volvo for Christ's sake!

Will next season take place off of the island with flashbacks to it? I guess we have seven months to wait and see.

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