Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Coupon From Mom

I got the handmade coupon you see above from my mother. How did she arrange to have the person of my choice agree to clean my house? A bigger question, who is the person of my choice? My first thought was that I would like George Bush to clean the apartment but then I thought, though entertaining, he probably wouldn't be too good at it. Who would be entertaining and be good at cleaning the house? I was thinking, Bette Midler! But she's got a new show in Vegas, Paris Hilton would be entertaining but she's going to jail and I'm guessing she's probably a bitch. This is something I need to figure out and, I must speak to my mother about how she got so connected.

Regarding the expiration date, does this coupon falls under the Gift Certificate Law in Massachusetts (where I received it) or New York (where it was created) or in the location of the residence of the person of my choice?

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