Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I'm an evil villan just like Ben

Ben and I have the same birthday! Who would have known?! I knew there was something special about me, I was just waiting for the island to tell me what it was. Actually, I'm still kind of waiting. Namaste man! Goodbye Ben, Hello Locke, there's a new sherrif in town. Well, what can you expect for a guy who grew up with an alchoholic father who blames his son for the death of his wife? And you know who the natives are? They're dead people. I swear it. Hostiles=Dead People=Others (see sexy latino who hasn't aged). You know what? It's ok to talk about ghosts and stuff but I don't want them on this show, ok? I'm not going to be watching some ghost story haunted island Lost show. Screw you Jacob! This ain't no Ghost Whisperer. And by the way, Locke's not dead. Eye patch guy, he's not dead, and though it may have looked like the light went out of Locke's eyes, he wasn't dead when Ben walked away...but, I guess, if he's on the island...

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