Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Dinner and 24

Every Monday night we have dinner with friends Liz & Ian (hi Liz & Ian). One week at our house, one week at their house. We enjoy a martini, a good meal and some wine and we watch 24. I'm going to try to post our meals each week.

Here we go... This week was our house. We made zucchini lasagna with salad and garlic bread. It was ok, not great. Here's my advice if you make this. Make sure you have an 8 in pan or, increase the amount of filling based on the size of the pan you do have. I didn't have the right pan and didn't realize it until I started cooking. My pan was too big, resulting in less filling/square inch, which, in turn, resulted in dry-ish lasagna. Two weeks ago I made Martha Stewart's Perfect Macaroni & cheese which was, in a word, Perfect. It's totally worth the time.

As for 24, I feel it's really lost its oomph. I can say the lines before they come out of the actor's mouths and puhleeese, though I have no experience with people who have been held in Chinese prisons, I highly doubt that Jack Bower would be so together after being released, I mean, look at Audrey, she was a mess. She played a good crazy!

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