Monday, May 7, 2007

Thai Cooking Made Easy - with Liz (and 24)

Tonight's dinner was Thai soup and salad, made by Liz. Yum. 24 was ok. Daniel Jackson was on again?! Yes, I'm a dork. In any case, Audrey was nowhere to be seen, which is fine because she's basically comatose anyway. The Chinese infiltrated CTU, through the sewers. It didn't seem very difficult, which makes one wonder. Jack's son, uh, I mean nephew is wanted by the Chinese but really by his grandfather who wanted to kill him about 5 episodes ago so it really doesn't make any sense. Miles, uh I mean Milo, uh I mean Miles (they had to have done that on purpose), got shot protecting Nadia which frees her up for Silver Spoons. In the end though, nothing really happened.

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